Free download PCI to SATA card drivers for windows 7 64 bit

i am havin pci to sata port card and i need drivers or how to configure with Intel DG41WV motherboard, if i installed this card in PCI bus it is not showing drive in OS windows 7 64 bit
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  1. You will need to give more details - the name of the chip on the sata card or some model no written on the card. There are many companies with sata card ports with different drivers!
  2. You need to download and install the driver for:
    1) the exact model of PCI SATA card, AND
    2) for Windows 7 x64 (Vista x64 may work if Win 7 x64 isn't available)

    *If your MAIN drive is to be plugged into this PCI card you may have additional steps to ensure the system boots. This information should be in the Installation manual.

    (in fact, everything you need to know should be provided in instructions with your product or at the website for your product)
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