Do I need a newer video card?

I use my Windows XP PC primarrily for pro audio applications, a little photoshop, along with the usual email, music, movies, etc. I don't play games or use any 3D or visually intensive software or even use a second monitor. Is there any benefit to upgrading my humble NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 Model 64 card (32 Meg)?

I'm in the process of upgrading my PC . Here's what the rest of the system will look like : ASUS A8V Mobo, AMD X2 4400, 2 Gig DDR400 RAM, various sound card and audio DSP PCI cards..

Any advice would be appreicated!
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  1. Yes, you need a newer card... beacuse your old video card is AGP and your new motherboard is PCI express. :)

    But the TNT would probably have done the job for you otherwise.

    If you don't play games, the cheapest card will serve you well. Look for the cheapest ~$50 video card you can find, make sure it's an Ati or Geforce because they have the best drivers.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Actually the A8V uses PCI/AGP (legacy support was a big factor in choosing this Mobo) so I can keep my old card. Nice to know it is still sufficient for my needs.
  3. ASUS A8V has 1 x AGP8X/4X (1.5V only). Make sure that your video card uses 1.5V since it is and older AGP 2X/4X card. It is 7 years old. I do not remember when 1.5V became standard.
  4. Hey Slava, thanks for the heads up on the voltage issue. I did a quick Google search and my card is indeed 3.3V. Who knows how much hair I would have pulled out trying to figure out that problem had I not known that in advance?
  5. Slava's the man!
    Nice catch.
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