Need BEST AM2 bang for the buck mobo (below $100)

so yeah, im on a budget.. and i may get AM2, but i do not know which mobo is the best! it has to be below $100! i see a bunch of Biostars.. but they have good and bad ratings! which one is the best if i overclock a tad.. a couple hundred MHZ? any help would be very appreciated :D THANKS!

p.s is it worth going for AM2? or just get 939? ( i am most likely not going to upgrade my pc)
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  1. I would say 939 is still good, I'm planning on getting one for my next computer (its on budget).
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    i see that they are mATX.. intresting, i was thinking the ASUS A8N5X for s939 and MSI K9n Neo for AM2, any suggestions?
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    I would say 939 is still good, I'm planning on getting one for my next computer (its on budget).

    im with you, id go AM2 because DDR2800 is cheaper than DDR400 , the only thing that worries me with AM2 are the mobos and how half of the reviewers say they are good and the other half say that they are crap
  4. Wel i,m an Asus person I just really like there layout. But MSI is really good too. I,m afraid i don,t know tomuch about those boards. But the boards I recommend can peformance wise be compaired to the asus deluxe bord I have in my system and that one kost me $140.

    I got the 939 6150 for my sisters pc so I,ve done some research on that board.
  5. I built the pc for my sister a couple of months before AM2 came out so i had to get the 939. and I used a lian Li case so it better not to use a mobo with heat pipe.
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    939 is dead, it wont be upgradeable next year.
    AM2 will support quad core early next year.

    This is the best board for the buck. There are a few that are $15 cheaper but they dont have the heatpipe, believe me you want the heatpipe, especially if you OC.

    yeah, maybe its a tad expensive.. but ill try, and suggestions on cheaper mobos?
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