WTB: Gaming Rig

Willing to pay $500-$600. I don't A few stipulations:

1.Needs to LOOK new. Basically, it should have been kept in good shape.
2.Little to no OC'ing.
3.XP Pro. Must be willing to sell XP Pro retail liscence.

I don't have a legit operating system in my current rig, and I've decided I'm not going to invest any more money into it.

Current rig:

Dell Demension 8100 Powerleaped 2.6 ghz Northwood 400 FSB
Modified Window on the case panel
1 GB (4 x 256MB) PC800 (40ns) RDRAM
PCP&C 410 Watt Silencer PSU (modified for Dells)
ATI Radeon 9800Pro 128 MB
Antec Video Card Fan (PCI slot)
80 GB Western Digital HD SATA 7200 rpm

I'm willing to negotiate. Just post system specs.
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  1. I have an AMD 64 system I can sell for $725 including shiipping.

    AMD64 3400 2.2 Clawhammer
    ASUS K8N-E Deluxe MB
    XFX 6600GT 500 mhz core 1000 mhz DDR3
    1 GB 2 x 512 MB Kingston PC3200 400 Mhz.
    Western Digital 250 SATA HD 3.0 transfer at 16 MB per second (Recently purchased I can not remember the model #)
    Sony DVD ROM
    Sony DVD-RW
    Floppy drive
    Enermax 460 watt PSU
    Gigabyte LED HS fan
    Apreiva X-Dreamer II

    Runs perfect. Very fast. Has been a backup of mine for some time and I seldom turn it on, not everyday anyway. Numerous blue LED fans maybe 6 or 8 front intake rear exhaust side intake all blue led as well as the heatsink fan. Has additional none led fan in the roof. Also has round cabling. I have XP Home running and I would be willing to give you XP CD. MB original vox with all MB CDs, floppys, manuals, etc. included. Very sharp looking with all the LED's.
  2. An extra Grant will get you 30% or more gaming performance... :twisted:

    AMD Athlon 64 3700+ (Clawhammer, 2.4GHz & 1MB L2)
    ECS nFORCE4 A754 Revision 1.0
    1GB Corsair XMS3200 CL2 DDR SDRAM
    XFX GeForce 6800 GT 256MB GDDR3 PCIe
    160GB Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 (7200 RPM, ATA/100, 8MB buffer)
    LiteON 16x DVD-RW & 16x DVD-ROM
    Antec SmartPower 2.0 450W
    Black ATX Case with side window, temp & RPM monitors & blue LED fans
    Genuine Windows XP Home Edition license w/CD

    Everything's in great shape, freshly cleaned & re-thermal pasted and ready to go. All hardware less than 3 months old. Just popped in a new power supply, replaced the CPU fan, replaced the NB heatsink on the motherboard, and cleaned out the case from top to bottom so everything should work like new. Guaranteed NOT DOA. Never been overclocked either.

    As for XP Pro I have a license but unfortunately I'm not going to give it up as mine cost $300 (big chunka change to a chump like me).

    Doom 3 v1.3 Timedemo 1 @1024x768 High Quality:
    96.1 fps

    12,891 marks

    5231 marks

    $775 including FedEx shipping.

    PM if you want to negotiate a better price (providing you have something I want to trade in part for)...
  3. amd 64 4000+ San Diego i believe
    Asus A8v-Vm
    Ati X700 Pro 256 MB Pci Express
    1 GB 2x512 dual Channel corsair
    Samsung Light Scribe Combo Drive Dvd and Cd Burner
    250 GB Sata 3gbs
    500W RoseWill
    7.1 SoundBlaster Audio Card
    Centurion Cool Master Case
    windows xp sp2 VALID
    looking for 580 USD SHIPPED

    i built this in february so basically the parts are brand new and on the cpu its a aftermarket hsf (pc runs at 30 degrees c just surfing and chatting and runs at 34 degrees c when gaming) computer runs flawlessly !
  4. I have a p3 for sale with XP pro (800mhz). It comes with 256 megs of memory and 8gb hard drive.

    20$ shipped (s/h costs are $800)
  5. comptia_rep you are retarded you description does not fit in any of his profile
    and when it mean "SHIPPED" it means shipping and handling are included in price not sep
  6. ha.
  7. In that case, I have a Pentium 4 2.2ghz proc with an ASRock P4VM890 motherboard (PCI-E), Sapphire X1650XT, MinMaw HTPC-400B case, Ultra 500w PSU, 2-Sata2 WD Caviar 160GB HDD's in Raid-1, A Netgear Wireless G network card, and Pioneer DVR-111D Dual-Layer DVD burner...

    Price? Hmm...$500. You could swap out the Processor for an $80 3.0ghz P4 or even a 3.4 but you'd probably need a cooler too. As it is now it's a non-fanned CPU but the heatsink sits right by the 120mm fanned PSU and 92mm fan out. It's pretty quiet and will still play most games a year old or older. Drop in a new CPU and it'll play relatively any of today's games too. Oh, and the RAM sucks. PC2700 (slow) and only 512mb's. You could buy some DDR-400 valueram though (2 gigs max, 2x1GB, although 2x512mb might be enough). Oh, and it's got XP MCE edition. Niiice.
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