X800GTO or 6800XT

I was going to upgrade my computer with a new video card. When I found the perfect card (refurb X800XL for $120), it sold out a day later. So now my choices are down to a X800GTO
or a 6800XT. Also, are those 2 better than a x1600pro?
Does anyone have some advice on which is a better choice? Thanks!
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  1. 6800XT is a total cripple. It sucks, X800GTO best choice.
  2. Yeah, I agree. X800GTO is way better than a 6800XT no matter what the 68's clocks are. Between the X1600 pro and the 6800XT, then it depends on clocks as some have 700 MHz mem some have 1000 MHz mem. Cores vary 75MHz also.
  3. Whut they sed.
  4. Heres a nice list for you.

    7600GT(150+) Get this if you want newer technology like HDR and SDRM 3

    X1600...(150+) I suggest staying away from this card is has a very bad performence

    X800GTO good card, good price has 12 pipelines but with a little modding here and there you can get it to run at XL speeds and 16 pipes.

    If i may suggest mine own here an X1800XT would be the best saw it on newegg for a mere 200 bucks cant beat that price.
  5. Is the 7600 GT out yet in AGP? I didn't think it was.

    The 7600 GS is out, but it's about as fast as the X800 GTO.
  6. I just bought a Saphire x800gto AGP card that had the 16 pipes already unlocked out of the box. I was nervouse about flashing the BIOS, but there is no need as some cards come with the pipes unlocked now. I think it is a crap shoot though about whether they come unlocked or not. Not sure about that.
  7. X800GTO.
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