Bad display - IBM P260

Just got this monitor out of storage and it is dim and fuzzy. I have played with the contrast, brightness and gamma but I can't get it to my liking.

The best picture I can get is with the brightness all the way down and the contrast about midway and the gamma pretty low. But everything is still washed out and a tad fuzzy.

I have dloaded a driver from but it didn't seem to make a difference. Any other suggestions on drivers or settings?
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  1. That's simply what happens to CRT monitors when they get old, unfortunately...

    Sorry mate. Time for a replacement. :(
  2. This is the monitor I have sitting in front of me right now, LOVE IT!

    However like Cleeve says this is quite common. I've seen about 10 P260s on our floor retired due to them burning-in and washing out. I and only 2 other people are the only ones left with P260s and when they replace their with LCDs, they are setting 1 of the two aside for me if this one goes.

    But really that's the unfortunate drawback of CRTs they eventually either wash out, or burn-in, or... blow up! :lol:

    Not much you can do now, I turn of my monitor completely (forget sleep mode) at night when I go home to let it cool down (and also because it has an annoying habit of going into that information screen at night on it's own, so obviously the gun is still shooting electrons at the screen even if it's looking blackish [you can see a slight shade change when powering off]).

    Great monitor, but like Cleeve said, time to look for a replacement. Mitsubishi still makes similar tubes under the DiamondTron name, only thing I know of sclose to the same, unfortunately you will lose your DVI-A connector as they are all now DB-15 and added BNC for the Pro models.
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