what could be the cause...????

I've just purchased a PC camera- Philips ToUcam pcvc 720k, which camera is not working at all; on the Device Manager is present and says that has no problems. The camera doesn't initialize on videomode, the red LED on top is not lit and I don't know what could provoque such a mess...
Please Give me an advice or tell me what could be the cause. I reinstalled it several times, but the problem is the same. My computer config:
I have a t-bird at 1200 mhz on a gigabyte GA-7DX, which is working pretty fine with W98SE, 256 Mb DDRAM, Daytona GeForce 2MX100, tv tuner 3DeMon.
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  1. Is this a USB cam? If so, do other USB devices work stably?

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
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