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I am trying to get horizontal span in windows 7. Most specifically, spanning remote desktop across both my monitors. It works fine just using dualview for everything besides that. I think the issue is something to do with windows or the vid card drivers making so you have one huge resolution combining the two monitors instead of two separate ones. XP allows you to do this and I read the Nvidia release notes and it says their drivers do not support this feature in vista or 7 because of some change in the way the OS handles that stuff.

Wondering if there is a workaround, if ATI cards can do it, or if there is anything in the pipe line to fix this issue. There some way we could nominate that to be included in SP1?

Windows 7 was our idea, right?
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  1. Link to what you read about Vista and 7 not having the same multi-display functionality as XP please.
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