High Temps w/E6600 & Intel 975XBX?

Just assembled & booted system up....idle temps are 44-46 deg C.
Is this abnormally high, or is it just the intel mobo diode???

Thermaltake Matrix VX 3000 w/ see through panel
Thermaltake Pure Power 500W TWV W0057-Rev 1
2gb Patriot CL4 ddr2 800
zalman 9500 led
2 case fans
evga 7600GT
2 DVD burners
2 74gb 16mb wd raptors
2 Seagate 320GB 26MB 7200.10

Input is appreciated!
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  1. make sure your thermal paste is applied correctly and and your zalman fan is secured and sitting properly to your board.

    yay first post
  2. I also get 40-45 C idle. I dont know what the problem is tho. I have scythe MineCooler with Asus P5B deluxe. 40-45 is actually what got lowered from 50+ too. Any good fan suggestions?
  3. to both of you, i'd suggest reseating your processors and using arctic silver 5 thermal compound... 45C is just too high an idle temp for a C2D. I have a scythe ninja cooler, and my e6700 idles at 22-25C... so for a normal cpu cooler, i'd say you should be idling b/w 30-35C.
  4. I am using artic silver 5...I believe I may have used a little too much of it though. Also, I've heard talk of the intel d975xbx having temperature readings off by 10-15 deg C.
  5. use CORE TEMP to get ur temps, 40c is bout normal for a core2 on stock intel hsf in a 20c room
  6. There should be a general rule of thumb here?

    Something like:

    19-30c idle would prolly be the most ideal temp.

    38-45C idle temp is okay or decent.

    55-60C idle temp... NOT okay.

    Unless all circumstances are the same (same MB, room temp, perhaps HSF), people shouldn't trust someone elses temp.
  7. Worried about the same thing with my Core 2 X6800. Always around 41c - 43c. Found the Intel info. It's operating perfectly. Here's the link:


    Look in Section 5 for Thermal properties.
  8. Thanks guys :D

    I'm wondering though, if this will affect my 400mhz fsb goal :oops:
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