Wan't to build a Conroe pc for no more than $1,800

Hey I need the ultimate pc for running oblivion at least in a nice view playable mode with nice graphics on a 20" LCD and to me it seems impossible to find parts at low prices since many rebates don't apply to Puerto Rico. I already have a case and the power supply Quad SLI certified(so you will know I have plenty of power for any part) I'm thinking on a high power cpu and a nice graphic card but not to $$$$$ since I will later upgrade to DX10 ohhh what the hell I don't know should I buy the best card or a midrange card ohhh forget it could you please give me a list of some nice parts???
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  1. I'm going to watch this topic because I want to know, too.

    I'd wait until Microsoft's Vista Operating System comes out, that way you can figure out what components you need to fully run it. And then you can upgrade things one at a time much later on (saving you money).

    *bumping topic to the top of the board*

    I'm a noob so please don't just go by what I say, get a second opinion. I personally am waiting for Vista and then building around that.
  2. what resolution is that 20"? If the native resolution for that lcd is 1600x1200 you're in trouble... This is when you start wanting SLI or CF as they handle higher resolutions better... even with quad SLI you'll be lucky to get 30-40 fps outdoors with the eye candy turned on in a fight.
  3. I'd build it around the e6600. The 6700's performance dosn't justify the $200 increase in price and a 6800 will eat most of your budget. Next I'd go with a good Intel based board like a 975x. I wouldn't worry about dx10. A high quality video setup now will still stomp through games a year from now. Besides first generation cards are over priced and have unreliable performance. With your budget a nvidia 7950 or that new ati 1950 I think. You can basically spend $500 on a card or cards and still be ok. 2 gigs of 6400 ram. So far that is about $1500 still leaves you with $300 for hard drive, cables, cooling, ect. Shouldn't be hard to do.
  4. Do you already have the 20" or do you still need to get one?

    If you need to fit in to your budget, I'd still stick with the e6600 but probably go with a regular x1900 xtx or the 9700 whatever, memory, disks, and id plan on spending around 300 on a decent 20". If you already have it, go for the 7950. Vista doesn't come out for almost 8 months and that's a long ass time to be stuck with mediocre graphics
  5. Here's my build:
    Antec p180b case $220
    Asus P5W deluxe $220
    Seagate 300gb SATA II drive 80
    2x1gb OCZ Platinum DDR2 800mgz 200
    Veiwsonic VX922 200
    Neo HE 550w PSU 90
    X1800xt GPU $200
    E6600 $339

    Total $1558

    Some of the prices I put down my cost with discounts, rebates, etc...some I did not. Figure an extra $100 without the rebates??

    I wonder how much I'm saving buy building myself...200-300? This is my first build and I am very excited....still waiting for parts, though.
  6. I have it it's a Ben Q 20.1" FP202W with a resolution of 1680 x 1050
  7. so in what settings I could run oblivion with a 7900GTX?
  8. The e6600 with a good 2 gb pc6400, thermaltake tsunami dream case, 250gb Sata II 16mb cache (WD ~$80), asus p5b deluxe, audigy 2 sound, advd-rw, floppy, and a $500 vid card, puts you in your price range. A good $125 psu puts you over, but the Antec true power 550 would handle it.

    The 1900xtx did well on oblivion outdoors for me on my 20" dell, but when I got the 24" screen, things changed. If you are going to stay with that size screen, go with the 1900xt, save the extra jack for your next card, but if you move to a bigger screen, get the nvidia.

    The 7900gtx runs close to the 1900xt on the charts for oblivion, so I would stick with it.

    I run the game on top eye candy and deal with the occassional stutter, but most combat is indoors.
  9. Would you recommend SLI?
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