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Is it possible to extend the audio cable connected into my computer from the speakers ? I want the audio cable to be 4 feet longer only.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Wow, that's a lot of information you've supplied to us to help us answer your question....

    What kind of speakers...
    What kind of connection... (3.5mm?)
  2. Sure you can extend your audio cables...as mentioned, any AV store will have long cables to use...radio shack is great because you can buy the wire and connectors to make your own audio cables, that's what I did for my home theater, cheaper than buying monster cables and just as good!
  3. Those would be 3.5mm or 1/8" audio - try choosing one of these:


    The closest I've seen to 4 feet is the six footer - making your own 4' would be a bit of work, although you could cut down the 6', and add your own connector via solder:


    Easiest is to roll up the 6 footer.
  4. Daisy-chaining cables is a no-no, so rather than 'extending' anything I'd just suggest you buy a cable long enough to suit your needs.

    Establish which connectors are applicable at each end (if you're using an external amp it will probably be '3.5mm stereo minijack to twin (stereo) phono/aux' and go to your local electronics store.
  5. I must say, this is extremely easy.
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