"NoiseKiller" sound dampening material

I'm ordering one of the new Armor cases that has the built-in LCS off FrozenCPU


It has an option for $49 to custom install this NoiseKiller material that is supposed to help quiet down the case... now I don't mind spending the money for someone else to do the work... but do you guys think this stuff works and is worth it w/ the LCS and all that?
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  1. I agree wih the first response but also think of it this way...

    You bought the case with a window... do you really want to see all that black sound dampening material? Also, with the windows there, sound will be able to escape.... There are also vent holes on the top that may end up being covered, if they aren't then they will also allow sound to escape.

    This sound dampening option sounds better suited to a non-windowed case for someone still using their stock hsf.
  2. Thanks for the input guys!
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