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Problem: Only one Bit Torrent Client works (the original) and all others
can't connect at all (Bit Comet, Azeurus, Torrent Storm for example). I can't
go online with various games (Age of Mythology, Maplestory, Gunbound) saying
it can't connect.

I already disabled Windows Firewall and my normal firewall (Sygates) is
working normally (Would prompt with every unique connection) but those above
services still don't work.

I installed XP Service Pack 2 but then got rid of it because of numerous
problems, could that attribute to my problem?

I'm on Cable and not using a router (I think), any help would be greatly
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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.basics (More info?)

    Huge excellent writeup but I've done most of the things mentioned already
    like getting rid of spyware and defragging my computer. I already have the
    latest version of java installed and I'm not sure how it would help me
    regardless and I've already cleaned up a bit just now. Still no difference,
    I'm thinking it's a problem with my ports but I'll recheck soon. Thanks

    More ideas as to what is wrong would be very helpful
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