Need reviews/opinions of Asus P5LD2VM-SE


P5LD2VM-SE is the only motherboard available here in india for CONROE support.
It has a 945G chipset.

I would like to know

1. How is this motherboard quality wise?
2. Any drawbacks of this motherboard?
3. How will the speed be as compared to 965P or 975X chipset.
4. I heard that this motherboard has some problems like not being able to address full 4GB memory, is it correct?
5. I also heard that it is made of cheap components and hence has a very bad memory performance. Is it correct?
6. Any other suggestions/ comments.
7. Any overclocking potential with this motherboard.

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  1. i was looking to buy this mobo as well
    so anybody any experience with this mobo
    your inputs would definitely help us
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