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Hi guys,

I'm getting the DVD Writer tonight, and read the manual last night on how to install the component. The manual isn't too helpful (I've never built a PC before).

My question is about the detachable drive rails that came separate in the box? How do you slide your DVD Writer into the socket with the drive rails? The manual says point them forward and then outward - that's it. If you just slide them in, they are loose and will fall out (without the DVD in it). Do you just use the DVD to support them? Cant the writer then just fall out if you tilt the machine or carry it to a LAN party?

I saw a picture on Google Images of a guy that screwed the rails to his DVD Writer. Is this the way to do it?

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  1. Another question I had was about the hard drive. I want to install it in the lower chamber - vertically between the silicone gromets. How do you secure the drive there? I saw a pic on Google again with a guy who had removed the gromet and used a screw. Is this correct?

    How do you screw it in and secure it. THANKS!
  2. Hi, looks like we're in the same boat - in the procces of building a new computer with a P180 too.

    You're correct with the DVD drive, what you have to do is screw the drive rails to the DVD player, with the metallic part facing forward and facing outwards, not inwards (so that it can hook onto the case)... screw the drive rails on and you should have no problem

    As for the hard-drives you should keep the grommets there, they minimise noise problems. What you have to do is use the long screws supplied with the 'tool box' which can go through the grommets then into the hard-drive, look for the abnormally long screws in the selection they gave you - they should be there somewhere
  3. Hey man!

    That's awesome. Thanks for the tips. You're obviously a little brighter in this department than I am! That really helps me a lot. I was clueless!

    Did you get the machine up and running yet? Did you encounter any glitches that I can loook out for?

    Here is my rig:
  4. Lol, i had many problems getting everything set up too - it's not as easy as everyone makes it sound, as for me having problems, well unfortunatly i do:


    That's my help request and at the moment am clueless as to how to solve the problem :roll: i think it's a problem to do with my computer, not a universal problem so you don't need to worry. I'm just hoping i can solve it soon so i can get everything installed and start enjoying my computer
  5. Looks pretty complicated! So what do you think you did? Did you use the wrong power cables for the SATA hard drives? Which ones are you supposed to use?
  6. I don't really have a clue what i did wrong :lol: been trying to solve the problem all day. As for power cables don't make the mistake i could have made. For SATA hard-drives all you need to do is install a SATA data cable into the back of the hard-drive and a SATA power cable... Do not add a molex cable! I originally did this but i *think* i took out the molex cable before i booted for the first time, if i didn't it would certainly explain the problems i'm having
  7. Where does the SATA power cable connect to? Does it go onto the mobo or directly to the PSU? Or do you have to take it off a molex config?
  8. Well the SATA power cable (for me) comes straight form my power supply to the two hard-drives i'm using, the power part has nothing to do with the mobo, only the SATA data cables do. The SATA power cable ends should look like a sort of L shape but with the horizontal part of the L rather shorter than your normal L
  9. Great. I've got the Antec NeoHe 550, modular. I do believe it has a SATA power cable. I will check. Let me know if I can help with anything, but I think we know where I stand on this. AHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!
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