ok i still have to choose a video card card.

i go a lot o f help last time and i am reasdy to buy my pc the gateway with
amd 4000+
1 gb ram
450 psu

but theres one thing i haven't fully made my mind up yet and thats with the video card.




now whats the difference between these two 7900gt's?


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  1. and one more thing. should i ditch the gateway and bulid my own pc? because they way i see it i have 1000 budget maybe more but with some new stuff out is it cheaper to buy all the parts instead of buying a prebulit.

    i would need

    psu- i think i have a good one i know of
    video card-

    i have
    a mouse
    a keyboard - need a thing to make it work in newer pcs.
    an gateway 2000 crt
    i maybe able to get a free copy of xp from a friend (not too sure on)
  2. Quote:
    and one more thing. should i ditch the gateway and bulid my own pc?

    Depends how much the gateway costs.

    I recently priced out making a system prom parts ordered on Newegg, you could make a real nice Athlon64 3500+ with 1gb of RAM and a 7600 GT for under $900... and that's with windowsXP and a 17" LCD monitor included.

    Without the OS, you could get all that for under $800.
  3. You could get the gateway and a x1900xt and still be under your budget
  4. ok then but one more then for like 100 bucks more you get an lcd and printer bundle i think the ms is 16 and i thought thats bad for gaming. so is it worth getting that lcd or should i stick with my crt?
  5. bump
  6. Quote:
    i think the ms is 16

    What is an MS?

    CRTs are still great to game on if you have a decently sized model and have the desk space.
  7. 16 milla (sp?) second response time
  8. I get some ghosting on my Sammy 930b w/8ms. I prefer CRT for gaming viewing, but I don't have the real-estate for a 21"crt. So I'm gonna try the LB 204wt. it is listed at 5ms.
  9. I gotta wonder a little bit what sort of power-supply they have in that thing.
  10. is this an ok psu or should i get something better

  11. ok i think i know what i am getting theres only two things bugging me. the lcd and wether or not this system will last. i will also upgrade around christmas time to 2gb of ram and a mx518 mouse, and maybe a g15 keyboard.
  12. What resolution do you play at? What games do you play? What kind of image quality do you desire?

    If its something like Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion at 1600*1200+ with everything maxed, I would reccomend nothing less than an nVidia GeForce 7950GX2. It will likely be the fastest "single" card on the block until the next gens come out in a couple months.

    If you mostly play World of Warcraft at 1024*768 on medium, you would be more than happy with a 7600 gt.

    It all depends...
  13. i like all games and i want to play on it very well but my budget i think just around 1,000 maybe too small. game wise hl2,halo,far cry,quake 4,ut2004,doom 3,tes4:o, but i am right now looking at deals to see if i bulid it myself if i can get something better. i have a crt,mouse,keyboard and a copy of xp (hopefully) but i am looking at this one prebulid system were i add stuff heres the specs of that

    processor-amd geode nx 1750
    128mb ddr -upgradle to 2gb
    cd-rom drive
    for around 130. i am trying to get more specs as we speak. but is that a new line of amd?
  14. never mind its agp so that kinda rules that out.
  15. for 1000$ buddget you can build a very good system. Here are the parts:
    Athlon 64 4000+.......130$
    Geforce 7900GT........ 285$
    2x512MB cas2.0 @ ddr400 (G.Skill, Mushkin, Crucial - whatever) 100-120$
    Seagate Barracuda 200/250GB.....80-100$
    PSU - Enermax, Fortron, Antec....70$ - 80$
    Motherboard..hmm maybe ABIT KN8 SLI... 89$

    All for about 780$
  16. thank you very much. but i need some link to new egg or something to make sure i get the best. also i ma buliding a system with dual core and 2gb and everything for around 700 but without hard drive and speakers but please more ideas will help me here. on systems under 1000. i mean i ahve time to bulid and if i get something better then a prebulit from bestbuy then ill do that. but what is your guys take on 2gb of ram?
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