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I'm looking for suggestions for a case and PSU for my new computer. Something roomy to make it easier to move stuff around. I'll be having up to 4 hard drives and 1 or 2 optical drives. I'm not that into the case modding thing, so as long as it looks decent I'm happy. The more silent the better.

As for the PSU, the new modular ones interest me so I don't have cables running all over the place. With the aforementioned drives, I'll have an E6600/E6400 processor, 2GB ram, 7900GT and perhaps a sound card as well. Any recommendations?

Pedro Marques
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  1. You should really list a budget when you post for recommendations... As well as style, window, door, full or mid, simple or flashy, aluminum or steel... etc.

    I would suggest that you go with an Antec P180 for the case and an Antec NeoHE550 for the psu.
  2. Nothing beats a full tower when you're looking for space... has one on clearance for $19.99 but it's not exactly a looker. I bought one (sort of, they sent me the wrong case but I'm too lazy to return it, besides, the one I wanted was cheaper(!), so it worked in my favor).
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