x1800xl Driver or bad card?

I have a decent system.

Athlon 64 3500+
Asus A8n-SLi Deluxe
1 gb OCZ Plat 2 - 3 - 2 - 5
2 Raptors raided (Stripe)
2 WD 320 GB Hdds

When ever I play wow the x1800xl crashes. It is NOT a heat issue. ?I think it is a driver issue. I have tried different drivers with no success.

I am wondering if it is just a bad card or what. I ahve seen quite a few other people with the issue on diffrenet version cards 9x00, 1x00 version cards. Other people dont.

I have been thinking about an upgrade anyways so... although the x1900 or x1800 xt are nice but with the isues I ahve been having I ahve been thinking of swithcing over to Nvidia...... Or I could just upgrade my ram and proc but.... the crashing is annoying (luckily VPU recovery allows me to continue playing after minute or so)

What should I do? Format and reinstall and try latest drivers from scratch is not a great option as well... I dont know if I can find all of the CDs for my stuff.... I ahve the keys though :-p
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  1. What's the power supply?
  2. Does the system only crash in WoW? Try putting your system under stress and see if it crashes in the same manner. Perhaps try watching a DVD and running several other tasks. Problem could very well be a failing video card. Try using a different card and playing WoW and see if your system crashes.
  3. Thats why I thinks it is drivers. It is only wow. Occcasionaly oblivion crashes but I dont get the VPU error.

    trust me... I stress this baby to the max on a daily basis... if itdies its an excuse to buy something newer :-p
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