My comp isnt recognizing that my drive has lightscribe. No software has the option for it enabled...any thoughts?

Yes im sure it has lightscribe., I tried changing the registry value in WinNT whatever, didnt me out. :?
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  1. Put in your driver cd, and install the drivers you got with it.
  2. There is a service called "Lightscribe Direct Labelling System" that must be running in your system in order for the burning software (say Nero) to recognize that the lightscribe function is available.

    Unfortunately, a lot of burning software does not ship with the lightscribe service software. Also unfortunate is that the software is oftentimes not included in the CD that comes with the burner either.

    Get the software from

    and install it. After that the burning software should recognize that it is dealing with a lightscribe enabled drive.

  3. None of that is working, it says it is started under windows services? ANyone have ny ideas.
  4. What burning software are you using ?
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