I like how orange this RAM is

Which one would be a better buy?

This 2 GB of RAM


This 1 GB of RAM that is orange

Why are they almost the same price? Is that 1 GB of RAM really worth as much as the 2 GB of the other RAM? What if I got the 1 GB of orange RAM?
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  1. well the orange one reflects more light so the black ones clearly require more power :p

    it seems that the orange one also has very low latencys

    go for the 2 GB
  2. As mentioned, the orange stuff seems designed to run with lower latencies at the prescribed speed, (800MHz effective) with timings of 3-4-3-8, which is on a par with slower DDR1, rather than the 4-4-4-12 for the other units.

    However, in pretty much most cases, the difference will be inconsequential, at least for the money; you're definitely better off getting twice as much memory, especially if it's either 2GB of the black stuff, or 1GB of the orange stuff; with only one module, you'll be running in single-channel mode, and tighter timings or not, it's going to get out-performed by the dual-channel setup that you'd get with having 2 modules instead of 1.
  3. agreed. get the 2GB modules. difference between CAS3 and 4 w/ DDR2 is almost unmeasurable.
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