I can no longer read the data on my hard drive!! Please help


I recently downloaded the new 1.8 gig FEAR multiplayer pack and when I tried to install it from Mozilla, it caused my computer to somewhat lock up.

When I say somewhat, I mean that the download window in mozilla would lock up as well as the taskbar. However, I could still use the desktop.

Left with no choice, I hit the reset button and when I got back to Windows the drive no longer shows up in My Computer, although it does show up in Disk Manager and Device Manager.

I have 3 western digital hard drives. all three of them are SATAII with 16 megs and 250 gigs of space.

I really need the data on this hard drive, so please help me.

To me it seems that the key would be to force the computer to run chkdsk, but whenever I restart, the computer refuses to do so.

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  1. You could also try using a program called spinrite, Its pretty good in recovering corrupted data.

    Also look into the Ultimate boot disk. It has a lot of good programs and has a few good recovery tools.

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