evga geforce 6200 le 256mb

i just got this card don't ask my why cause i was on a budjet and i really don't game. anyways i was wondering if you guys think i would need a heatsink on this or just leave it in stock? any suggestions would be nice

my computer:

amd opteron k8t master2 far
opteron socket 940 sledgehammer 246 single core 2.0ghz
1 gig pqi ecc registered memory

thanks for posting guy
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  1. you shouldnt need a heatsink or fan or anythin else
    watever is stock will be fine
    it is a weak card so it shouldnt get very hot anyway
  2. ookay then. so it should be fine its not that bad. i hope not XD
  3. As long as you're not trying to overclock, you'll be fine.
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