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if anyone has server motherboards i would like to ask a couple of questions real quick. so i have one already that is at 2.0ghz sledgehammer. i was wondering if i got a troy or italy one would it really matter i'm not putting it on spead cause practically all the same. also if i were to get the secondary cpu would i have to buy more ram?
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  1. Ok...the difference between the Sledgehammer, Troy, and Italy cores is...
    - Sledge is a .13u single core with 800MHz HT
    - The Troy is a .09u single core and 1000MHz HT
    - The Italy is also a .09u dual core with 1000MHz HT

    Also, the Sledge hammer only supports up to SSE2 instruction set whereas the Troy and Italy support up to SSE3 instructions, this helps out with thread synchronization, multimedia, and gaming. Going from a .13u core to a .09u core will realize some performance increase which may not necessarily equate to being "faster" as 2GHz is 2GHz whether a Sledge or Troy. Going from a .13u to a .09 core also lowers the voltage requirements which in turn means less heat.
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