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I was reading a topic about using an old hard drive in a new system and how to do it without having to do a clean install of the os. I cannot find it and wanted to post to it. This is NOT the topic I posted on "general homebuilt" last week.

One responder said all you have to do is uninstall all of the drivers before removing the hard drive from the old machine.

Any help is appreciated, and if you find it please tell me what search criteria you used as I tried several searches myself.
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  1. Removing the drivers is just a part of prepping to make the switch. You also want to remove any programs that rely on drivers. You should be able to make the switch without doing to much, but I usually stop all services that are not needed to running when you bring the OS up. Sometimes running msconfig.exe and pulling off all the boot programs will help before you restart. Also, turn off system restore.
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