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Hi Guys,

The build is going well so far. I'm just waiting for my E6600 to arrive on Monday so I can pop it in. I had a few quick questions I was hoping somone who has these components can help with:

1) Lite-On SHM-165H6S Dual Layer DVD±RW - I've set the clips on the sides and slid it into the P180, all went well. Now I've changed the jumper to master, and used the IDE cable and connected it to the mobo (the blue connector). I'm not sure if this connection is correct. I think it's on IDE2 but I'm not sure. Can someone let me know if this is ok? It then got a molex power cable from my modular PSU (Antec NeoPower NeoHE 550W)

Also, the write came with an audio cable that I think has to connect to my motherboard. I cant get to the connector on the mobo because my vid card is IN THE WAY! Do I need this cable? Doesnt sound data get carried via SATA cables? Why do I need this? What is it for? Can I do without it?

2)Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 ST3320620AS 320GB - I removed the jumper as not to use the 1.5GB/S limit (now 3GB/S). I then gave it power from the modular supply, and used the RED SATA cable to connect it to the mobo, putting it in SATA one. Is this ok?

3)MSI X1900XT 512MB GDDR3 PCI Express x16 - This card went in without a hitch. Now my question is - I see that it needs power. My modular power supply has a cable for PCIe, but the problem is that the connector on both sides of the power cable are IDENTICAL, expept the one side is labeled PCIe. Which side do I plug into the V-Card, and which side goes into the PSU. Will it melt down if its the other way around? ALSO - there is a second, smaller connector on the card (not sure what it is). The manuals are useless. Looks like it could be a baby power connector or a audio type cable socket thing? ANY IDEAS?

Thanks guys! You're been really helpful. This is not as bad as I thought. Turning out to be a lot of fun (we'll see how I feel when I cant POST).

NOTE: For those who are building a simliar setup, TAKE NOTICE - the little metal plate that came with the mobo has to be secured on the back of the case before installing the mobo. I thought I could pop it in from the back. NOT THE CASE. I installed the mobo, screwed in everything, wired a couple of things, and then realized that. Bummer - had to redo everything. I'm new at this so maybe its a dumb error, but other just keep that in mind. Hope it helps. THANKS!
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  1. On the video card question - here is a useful link:

    If you look at the far top right of the card, you see the black square with the pins that the PSU cable connects to. Now just to the left of that, across the red bridge, top of the black column, there is a set of 3 smaller pins. Whats that all about? THANKS?
  2. Thanks man. That really helps. Answers all my questions. Just to clarify:
    1) The DVD must be on master?
    2) Pins no vcard - strange they wouldnt have any use? Looks like something needs to go in there, and you're positive about the PCIe labeled side going into the vcard. If if provides any more info, the other side appears like its missing a piece of metal in one of the six holes. The other side has metal tubes in all six.

    Thanks again. On to my CPU on Monday! YAY!
  3. for your video card question, the side labeled PCI-E goes into the videocard, DO NOT PLUG IT IN BACKWARDS, IT WILL F$CK your VID CARD. that is all... make sure to tripple check!
  4. Thanks! Thats 2 confirmations! I better watch out for that.
  5. It's really rediculous that they dont tell you these things in the manuals. Crtical points!
  6. Oh yes, I had another question:

    1) I used the Q-connector that came with the mobo (actually awesome BTW), and connected the front panel connectors of the P180 to it (the LED, HDD activity, reset etc). I followed the guidlines exactly. My question is - I am left with on little connector labeled HDD II. What do I do with this. I connected the HDD I into the space provided, but there is only one space. The HDD II is just handing in limbo.

    There is also a space for an audio socket on the Q-connector. I dont think the P180 has a built in speaker. WHAT DO I DO NOW? How will I know whats going on when I post? Does the mobo have a speaker somewhere?

    Thanks guys!
  7. That makes sense. Thanks. Nice pic by the way.
  8. Hopefully I wont have any video issues and wont need a speaker. I got this from the NewEgg reviews. Seems like it definately doesnt have one. You dont need it in the future, just really for your 1st post.

    Cons: No case speaker. When the computer is working, no one really cares about the beeps the case speaker makes when you boot up. But when you do have a problem, you want to hear those beeps and have a clue about what is wrong with your system.

    If I dont have any video, what do I do? Dont know if this is a dumb question, but which DVI plug does the monitor go into (on this pic, top or bottom?) http://barrettenterprize.com/osCommerce/images/MSI-1900XT_LG.gif
  9. Another noooob question (you must be cracking up) - the P5W DH had two plastic covers on the middle most bronze metal sqaures. I assume you remove those correct? I assume they get real hot and melt!

    They should tell you this if this is the case!
  10. Concerning which port to use, doesn't really matter as far as I know, but I always plug it into the left side (facing the videocard) anyway.

    About those plastic caps, I don't see them in the image. If they have to be removed, the motherboard manual should tell you.
  11. So true. I really do appreciate the help. Thanks guys! I printed out the steps to check for my 1st post but hopefully I dont need them. The plastic film covers I will also take off (like when you buy a DVD player for your TV and the remote comes with a plastic cover on it).

    Seems like I'm all set. Just have to connect the case fans and the font port IEEE and USB etc. then I'm done. There really isnt much to do.

    Chat soon guys. Thanks again!
  12. I just thought about something too - as part of setting up and running diagnostics, what SW programs can I run to check my hardware's performance. I see all these sites have certain apps they use. Can you make a list?

    Diagnostic Apps:
    -Video (3DMark)
    -Hard Drive (random access time maybe?)
    -cpu etc.

  13. Thanks buddy. I just want to make sure the machine is running at full capacity!
  14. you can always use 3DMARK05/06, stress test your pc to see where it lies under scores.
  15. This website gives you 2 apps for free. Are 3DMark and PCMark enough to test it adequetely??

  16. There is also a free app called CPU-Z but I dont know how to interpret the memory timings.
  17. I just thought about something - if you run a 3DMark or PCMark test, if you get a score, you have to compare that score to someone else who has the EXACT same components right??? I mean a E6600 with a P5W DH and a E6600 with a P5B will yield different results right, even though its the same E6600.

    I guess I need to build a list of people with the EXACT same components, and find out what scores we get on average to see if my system is running at capacity.

    What do you think? Is this logical?
  18. That's pretty cool I must say. Maybe you can just google some results and see what others have. Maybe find others on the forums.

    Thanks again for your help!
  19. I inherited a PC a while back which I was going to fix up, but decided not to and just got with a new rig as it was going to cost too much to fix it up.

    ANYWAY, I just ran PCMark on it as you said, and it came out at 1682. What does this mean? I guess that's not pretty good.

    What kinds of games can I play with this machine?
  20. This score is for the other machine - it's a P4 with 500MB RAM etc. Really sub-economic machine. I was wondering if it could handle somes games (for multiplayer purposes). I dont want to buy a game if it wont run.

    I need an example to benchmark it agains. For example, I've played Far Cry. Whats the mimum PCMark score required to run that game without a hitch?
  21. My laptop is about 2 years old and exceeds all the requirements, but when you play the game, it runs into lagging and hanging after a while. If my city gets too big in SimCity 4, takes FOREVER TO SWITCH windows. Minimum game requirements are never good enough. Thats why I asked. My expectations are pretty high when it comes to gaming quality with no lag. Maybe there is a minimum 3DMark score which I can check out for.
  22. Yeah, and the upgrade paths for the Dell laptops are limited. Can you help me out in another area (I really appreciate it).

    I wanna link up with a buddy of mine once my setup is built and create a network game for us for Far Cry. I wouldnt know where to start, and he doesnt know either. His PC is pretty good though.

    How do we do this. I wanna go into the game, go to network game, see his name there, add it to the game, and start, and NOT HAVE ANY glitches or lags while we shoot the ^&(*!@# out of each other. Let me know how I go about this. I dont want to pay for a service. Is a VPN the way to go? How do you do that? Do you just type in his IP address when you get there. I HAVE NO IDEA!

  23. Can I run something like GTALK in the back then to be able to talk to him while we fight? Sometimes that lags??? Whats the recommended approach?
  24. When we tried last time we had a 8ms ping. I think that should be ok for network and voice right?
  25. I just did. I want to game over the net. He lives in another country.
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