New build, Blue Screen of death

Hello all, I'm new. Need help :)
Intel D 805 (2.66) - going down the Tomshardware overclock guide.
Asus p5WD2 E-Premium
Zalman CNP9500
Seagate SATA 120Gb x 2 (one with a caddy)
Geforce 7900GT
2 DVD drives, floppy etc.
Powers up fine. BIOS detects drives etc. Tried to install Windows, get so far then the blue screen. PCi. Sys - Address F78360BF base at F782F000, Datestamp 3b7d855c. Aaaarrrrghhhhh
Now, first time I've used SATA. Manual says plug it into SATA1 and it'll use it as an IDE. Do I need to install drivers? My MOBO only came with a CDROM. Any suggestions? TIA
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  1. Yes, you need to install drivers. Otherwise the BIOS doesn't know what you have, whether its IDE or SATA or whatever. The drivers should be on the CDROM that came with the mobo. Might be listed under utilites.
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