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Hello, i have installed windows 7 on my new hard drive multiple times. and everytime i do i either had an issue installing the drivers from gigabyte or different windows functions either dont respond or freeze up. i dont know what to do im about to pull out my hair lol. my setup is: gigabyte x58 ud3r v2 i7 930 2 slied nvidia bfg gts 250's (1gb) 3 he103sj 1tb harddrives OCZ Gold 6GB (3 xDDR3 1600 (PC3 12800 RAIDMAX HYBRID 2 RX-730SS 730W power supply can someone give me any advice on what to do
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  1. also in event viewer im getting this error

    The driver for device \Device\Scsi\JRAID1 detected a port timeout due to prolonged inactivity. All associated busses were reset in an effort to clear the condition.
  2. There's a possibility you're having issues with your SLI setup. Remove one of your graphics cards to see if it helps.

    Run 2 passes of Memtest86+ to see if it's your RAM.

    That Rosewill PSU is really more of a 500W PSU, so I'm not sure it can handle your setup. Try without one graphics card and you should be fine. (Do the math, two x 12V @ 24A = 576W MAX. And two 12V rails rarely combine like that. More likely it's 1.5 x 12V@24A, which is 432W. And your total 12V wattage is usually about 90% of your total wattage).

    I'd buy an Antec, Corsair, Seasonic, or XFX PSU. If that one's still under warranty, get your money back and say it's faulty. It actually is faulty too since it CANNOT provide 730W.
  3. how do i do memtest86? and ill try that, how do i look and see how much power my power supply is putting out? ill try this when i get home. is it possible my hard drives arent working right? i dont have them setup in raid but im getting that jraid error. and right now i dont have a legit copy of windows im using an iso i downloaded. i ordered a copy of windows 7 ultimate but its not here yet.

    also i forgot but recently when i startup the pc after windows loads my graphics driver fails for a few seconds then comes back on
    and another thing is after i install windows when it goes to restart it always freezes the first time on the gigabyte screen.
  4. It's tough to see how much power your PSU is pulling. I bought a Kill-a-Watt so I can check. You can use this to estimate though:
    Use 15% capacitor aging.

    It's Memtest86+ (the difference being which version is free). Google it and download it. It will prompt you to install it to a flash stick. Then restart with the flashstick plugged in and choose it from the boot menu. You'll probably have to press F12, F8, Esc, or something like that to get to your boot select menu.

    It's possible your hard drives aren't acting right. I've never had a problem with a not activated Windows 7 and I've been slow to get around to activating plenty of times (have 4 keys, but manage more than 4 computers, so I can't decide which to put XP on).

    JRaid error:
    That's the best thing I could find.

    It could actually be multiple issues. But the graphics driver failing sounds like a PSU issue. Let me know if removing one card fixes that. Also, reinstall the drivers.
  5. ill do that when i get home thanks for the help. i know ive already told u alot but if it helps i can basically describe everything thats happened. \
    i put this system together back in oct, and everything has been working fine.
    i use to have 4 different hdd of all different sizes and one was failing so i wanted to get a few of all the same kind so i bought the he103sj hard drives.
    i replaced the ones i had installed with these. put my cd with win 7 ult iso in and installed windows.
    whenever i get done with an install lately it will freeze at the gigabyte bootup screen so i will restart
    after then i will finish the win 7 install and at first my ethernet adapter wont work because i have to install the drivers
    so ill put in the gigabyte disk and do a quick install of all the drivers on the disk
    the nec usb driver always fails and i have to force close it but other than that it works.
    by this point usually my ethernet port works but sometimes it will make my modem loose connection and i cant get it to reconnect so no internet
    if i uninstall the ethernet lan drivers and try to reinstall it will freeze and i have to restart or just re install windows again cause i have no other way to fix that
    but if that works then im ok other than that most of the time if i click windows update it will freeze up and ill have to force close it.
    also i cant ever open disk management
    usually after about 30 minutes of surfing the web of downloading, the IE will freeze too then everything locks up and i have to restart.
    i looked in my event viewer and thats when i noticed the jraid error.
    also i see an error for .net services i think and my cd drive wasnt working (i have 3)
    thats the extent of all the issues i can think of. everything other than the 3 new samsung hard drives is from oct of 2010 and has been working fine until now.
    i just dont know what i can do. ill try all the things u mentioned and hopefully itll help. but i thought knowing the whole story might help
  6. Since things are already not working correctly;
    1. Remove the second video card. 2. Remove all of the hard drives, but the main one. 3. make sure your ram sticks are in the correct slots (normally 1, 3, & 5).
    4. Clear your bios. 5. Download the latest Lan drivers, usb 3.0 drivers & Sata 2 drivers from Gigabyte. - (Note - You can also downlaod the service pack 1 for your OS or do it later).
    Now Re-install your OS, the latest drivers, (You shouldn't need the gigabtye disk), and anti-virus. Before installing any software make sure you're the basis is working fine and do your window up dates.
    Keep us posted. :)
  7. my only issues with installing the drivers is i cant get online to get them with out doing the ones on the disk or should i download them now onto a disk and use that? otherwise i cant get online to get them and windows says it doesnt have one for the lan driver

    duh maybe i should have actually read what u said about the drivers. lol sidenote lasttime i tried to download the drivers there i did but all that happened was they were unzipped by winzip and when i clicked on one it took me to a website (but my system froze so never saw what it was) is there a program to install the drivers? or just click on each one?
  8. I'm getting four possible causes from that:

    1) Bad Windows Installation/bad Installation CD. If it's legit, then this probably isn't it, but the installation could still be corrupted by crashes. You've reinstalled and it stays consistent, so it's probably not this. If it's a downloaded Windows installation, re-download it and reinstall.

    2) Power Supply crashes it. Try reducing power draw, like I said above.

    3) JRaid is causing it. Try the fix linked above.

    4) Other hardware problem, which I doubt. Hopefully this isn't it because all you can do is remove RAM sticks/HDDs at this point one at a time and see if it's stable. If so, then after checking all that it could be the motherboard.
  9. ok so im going to get my win 7 that i bought today so ill be able to let u know if that was it. also lastnight i unplugged all hard drives but 1 (that worked fine) but when i tried to use just 1 video card (i unplugged the other and took it out) but when i tried to startup with just the one i couldnt get it to pullup, the video wasnt reading or something and i never got a screen
  10. Did you try the other video card? Maybe that card's broken and it's been the culprit the whole time?
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