Hard drive dead? want to recover but not sure how?

So here is my dilemma I have a old 120gb WD (JD) hard drive sata and what happened was when I got home my XP started lagging completely so I reboot assuming it was the OS and when I restarted it said disk read error... After that my hard drive stopped working it still reads in the bios but fails SMART check. It also takes a long time for it to read when it's in during POST also in windows it initially won't detect but when I go to device manager and refresh the devices it does show up but it lags like no tommorow after that and doesn't show up in my comuter still... Does anyone have any ideas and also know any programs that can help too

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Drive is definitely b0rked.

    Might try SpinRite (www.grc.com), it can recover a lot of crashed disks.

    Otherwise, you're probably looking at sending it to a data recovery place if the data is that important to recover.
  2. My system has two MAXTOR drives....

    this is because I have had two WD drives and Western Digital gives me nothing but trouble.

    So lucky you I know what you need :)


    Install GetBackData (probably NTFS) on a master hard drive and hook your (damaged) drive up as slave and use the program to scan it.

    ----Don't scan for deleted files-----

    Because that only confuses everything.

  3. Actually, I think you can probably recover the data if you put the disk in another computer, or put a new disk in this computer, load the os, and then read the disk and get your data off of it.

    The disk may still be OK too after you reformat it.

    What ever you do, don't jack around with the disk. Either put a new disk in and load the OS, or put this disk in another machine and then immediately attempt to get your data off of it, either directly from windows explorer, or using one of those recovery programs.
  4. If it'll spin then put it in an external case and look into File Scavanger it's recoverd a couple of discs for me.
  5. Whatever you do


    Runtime.org my friend, Get Back Data for NTFS and FAT32 kicks some serious ass.

  6. Slave + program ftw.
    Key is do not boot off it.
  7. You can always try to stick a new HD in your box, along with your defective one, and try to ghost the bad drive on the new one. It worked for me on a couple of occasions.

    Worth a try :)
  8. download Knoppix 5.0 http://www.knoppix.net/
    run the live linux cd and you can recover your files
  9. Stick the drive in your refrigerator for a while, then put it back in your comp. If at all possible, don't let windows boot from it. I have an external enclosure for this sort of thing. It should last long enough for you to get your info off of it. Then reformat and see what happens.
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