mixing ATI card with nVIDiA chipset

im building a cheap box for my brother to be able to World of Warcraft. I bought Athlon 64 3200, and a BIOSTAR NF4ST-A9 Socket 939 nVIDIA (it was cheap) is there any problems mixing a ATI card with the nvidia chipset? or would it be better just to stay all nVIDIA? Thank you for your input
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  1. No probs. Mix away.
  2. yes you can .. mix away i have friend who has a nforce 2chipset with a R9550GE, and what card where you thinking about putting in your bro's pc?
  3. its a budget build so sub 100 bucks, this on newegg for 89 bucks a radeon x800gt http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16814131007

    anyone have any suggestions sub 100 dollar card? and the only game we play is WoW really.
  4. well that sounds like a great card to me and for $89 its a steal.. take it :) do you play any other games
  5. sometimes i play civ 4, warcraft III, all my time is consumed by WoW
  6. I would look at an x850xt. Newegg as some for as low as $119.99.

    Newegg x850xt

    Just brought this up in another forum thread

    its a little more than you wanted to spend but not too bad for the performance, if you can get another 30 bucks together

    xfire cards for it are only 165 now at newegg, so for anyone wanting to spend a little more its an aweome deal right now
  7. my budget for the build is 300 bucks. but thanks anyways
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