My EPSON printer is Not working. Help!


I wanted to print something today and my printer didnt print it. It works but after it finishes, nothing is printed on the paper. Absolutely nothing but everything looks working fine.

I changed the ink but nothing, this is a EPSON Stylus C66.

What can be happening?
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  1. Well this is what I found, I took out the ink catridges and the jet nozzles were with ink all around, so I cleaned them with toilet paper and put the ink catridges again, print a sample page and nothin and when I removed again the ink catridges, the jet nozzles were again full of ink around again. I believe the problem is what you are telling me but I dont know how to take out the carage.

    Do I have to unscrew anything? is there any special way to do this?

    I hope you can help me
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