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First Timer Looking for Free Advice hahahehe!!!

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August 20, 2006 4:05:38 PM

:? You People on this site are the shiznit of the Pc'sbit.
Even when you folks are dissin people for thier lak of knowledge you are still in that Jay Leno, Jerry Spriner, Benny Hill, sort of humiliatingly way Funny and Yet polite.
ElMoIsEviL, shadowduck, ikjadoon, mpilchfamily, The_Prophecy, ETC....
The list goes on for you keepers of the light that shine's on the path of the new guy build and that should make you feel proud to know that Michael Dell will not become wealthier via your virtue.

O.K. Now that the buttering up is over. Here is My Dilema, I have an old Gateway with RAMBUSS!! YEA!!! Barf$$$$
I need to upgrade so that I can convert my family Video(HI8) to DVD or HDDVD in Future. While doing this project I have garnered several customers who will pay me to do thier old videos as well. I have noticed that the E6600 is the Prime candidate for the new core 2 but that is where I start to get lost.
I have foumd a few bare bones stups on Tiger Direct NewEgg Ect..

I will use this system for Video encoding (I have adobe premiere) and surf the internet while the encoding is taking place. My son play the SIMS so this is all the Video games that will probably be played. I don't care about heat because I am in the basement closet so in the winter time the free heat is nice. Here is my start with the 6600 as the choice chip and basic everything else.

I have approx 1 teraflop external harddrive space (various stuff maxtor250, simple tech, ect..) I just want to Crunch these Videos to DVD's Fast, while surfin the net. Overclocking not an issue I won't mess with this (unless bored). But would like to be able to upgrade to a Quad someday or the EXTREME2.
So is my barebones up to it or do I buy the E6600 then the ASUS p5 basic,
cheap graphics?
Sorry Folks I have run out of steam, I work Nights and need to sleep I will look for replys at work later.
Budget $900 to $1300
Mainly used for Video Editing(Adobe) and a bunch of Sims gamez also surfin the net.
O.K. Now come on Guys and whip me , beat me and make me write BAD CHECKS!!!
PEACE!!!! :wink:

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August 20, 2006 4:43:16 PM

Your link to TigerDirect just shows a system build configurator using some form of Conroe/975 motherboard.
So far you have the right idea in getting a Conroe system with relatively cheap graphics. E6600 > E6300. What else do you need to know?
August 20, 2006 5:11:02 PM

I noticed you said you wanted your mobo quad-core ready. Unless the motherboard is advertised expressly as supporting it I wouldn't count on it, unless there is some sort of future BIOS release.

Since you aren't into gaming or overclocking your listed budget of $900 to $1300 is more than enough.

Some things to think about:
1) Asus boards can be finicky with RAM; make sure the memory you buy is listed as compatible by Asus if you go with their board.
2) You can probably get away with value DDR 667 from Corsair, Kingston, Mushkin, pqi, Patriot, or crucial - shoot for 2 GB minimum.
3) For Video editing/encoding you might be able to take advantage of a RAID array. Either two drives in RAID 0 with OS on a separte disk, or RAID 5, 0+1, and 10.
4) If you really need the dual use Heater/computer don't get a core 2 duo, get a P4 Prescott :wink: (just kidding).
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August 20, 2006 5:46:44 PM

You know, this may be one of the few times that it's appropriate to recommend a D805 OC'd to 4GHz! Jokes about space heaters aside, he really needs one... :twisted:
August 20, 2006 6:09:46 PM


Hello! Thanks for the "buttering up", lol. I'm not anything special at Intels, but let me see what I cook up for a video editing rig w/C2D at a max budget of $1300. Not too hard, I think.


OK, from the top.

I like the Centurion 5, good looks, great price.

The Gigabyte GA-965P-DQ6 is ready for quad-core and supposed to be a Teir 1 motherboard. All in all, it is the only thing I am not sure about. Any Intel guys help him out here? Good mobo? Bad one? Suggestions? Tad expesnive, but loaded with features.

A good, supple 7600GT KO for the games. The high core clock will help with any encoding.

A good, beefy 485W Enermax PSU. Was thinking about a 400W FSP, but was scared it might not provide enough with all those drives.

A very fast Core 2 Duo E660.

2GB of 667Mhz from Corsair, XMS.

Two 250GB Drives in RAID 0, Perpendicular Drives. Very fast + Uber Storage.

2 Samsung DVD burners, for all those DVDs.

Now I hope that Wishlist link works, haven't put one up in a while. Make any changes you'd like! I'm a tad over budget, but the rebate on the GPU and the memory knock that down to around $1300.