Installing Windows on a custom built system.

My desktop recently died and I'm going to build a new system from scratch. My problem is with Windows. On my old system I had Windows 95 pre-installed by Compaq. I had no Windows disk, only a Compaq Restore disk with Windows on it, but also all the drivers and custom Compaq programes. I later recieved a free Windows 98 upgrade disk from Compaq, which I installed onto my machine.

I want to install Windows ME onto my new custom built system. Please don't tell me to stick to Windows 98, for one reason or another I'm going to go for ME. However, the FULL VERSION of ME is quite expensive, and I can save a lot of money if I buy the UPGRADE VERSION. However, to install the UPGRADE VERSION of ME I need a PREVIOUS version of Windows on disk.I have only the Compaq Restore Disk and the Compaq Windows 98 upgrade disk[it is not marked Windows 98 but "COMPAQ UPGRADE"}. Can I use these in the install process and then load the UPGRADE version of ME?

I recently bought an Advent laptop with ME installed on it. I have an Advent Restore disk with Windows ME on it, Advent drivers and programes. Can I simply use this disk to install Windows ME onto my new custom made computer? Will the utilities and drivers on the Advent disk cause problems with my new hardware?

I've heard that people have used friend's Restore disks to install Windows onto a custom made PC. While I agree this is piracy, surely there should be no problem with me using my Advent Restore disk?

I intend on upgrading to XP in October but I cannot wait until then, and I don't think it is fair of Microsoft to chrage me $150 for the Full version of ME and offer me no free upgrade to XP.
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  1. no, no, yes, no, yes, yes.. I dunno..

    Seriously though, Just go buy winme and then get the xp upgrade in october. If you really can't wait then this is all you can do.
    I once tried to use an old system install disk (win 95 from a nec system), don't waste your time trying.

    bye, bye

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  2. Your compaq restore disc is made for compaq's, and the hardware inside them. I strongly doubt you will have any luck. If you went from Win95 -> Win98 -> WinME, that's going to mess up Windows a little bit too.

    Intel inside, AMD outside.
  3. nyt is right about the Compaq.
    The CD may include a Flash Rom utility by Compaq also and your harddrive (the system) will think that it is Compaq...all the way.
    And the main thing. You'll never save on an upgrade CD, because the fact: the upgrade is always less performance then clean install. OK, you're going to do clean install, but your CD doesn't boot. The time you're going to spend on already predictable troubles....Sorry, No, you see, nobody believes in success of such update. You won't save here.
  4. I think it is possible.
    check your old pc(win 95) or your laptop(win ME). under windows directory, there should be one directory called options, it maybe a hidden directory, all windows setup files are there, you have to find a way to copy it to your new harddrive or cd.
  5. Quote:
    there should be one directory called options

    often in a folder called CABS, i.e. C:\windows\options\cabs

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  6. Go to, you can get a full Me oem for $74 plus shipping. The systems restore disk can and probably will cause several problems with various programs. Also stay away from the Me update disks for updating from win98. Also tends to cause problems.
  7. Quote:
    The systems restore disk can and probably will cause several problems with various programs

    It shouldnt do- normally this is a ghost image of the original drive, though there are sometimes other options such as "restore original registry" and other such choices, these are only really used to hopefully get the user into windows in order to back up stuff.

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