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M2N SLI Deluxe OC questions

Last response: in Overclocking
August 20, 2006 11:41:18 PM

Hi all. I'm new to the "formuz"(?) and I'm fairly new to overclocking but I've had a little experience on single cores with a 4000+ San Diego and a ASUS A8N32-SLI board. Anyway, I have some questions for those of you who know what you're talking about.
I just built my new pc with the M2N SLI Deluxe board and a 4600+ X2 AM2. I'm using AI NOS to clock to 220 x 12 and it seems to work fine. The trouble is when I try to do a manual clock. It's basically a gamble at 210x12. I raised the vcore a little but still no luck. It will usually boot, up to 225, but running an app like CS:S crashes it. When I rebooted at 225 cpu temp was 47C according to PC Probe, but it's usually way lower than that. Under load on 3dmark06 it barely cracks 41C with AI NOS at 110% (220). Also PC Probe says vcore is at 1.38V and Mem is 1.8V when the overclock works. Does anyone have any suggestions for better stability? I know my brother's 4000+ was way more stable than this, although temps were higher. Here's a list of the main parts, just in case. I think I remember hearing someone say something about the board being picky with 1.9V RAM? Anyway...

ASUS M2N32-SLI Deluxe, Corsair 2x1GB Twin2x DDR2-800, evga 7900GT KO 512, Athlon 64 4600+ X2 AM2 w/Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 PRO

Thanks in andvance for any info.
August 21, 2006 9:38:19 PM

Anyone? Right now I think it's a RAM issue since it crashed relatively quickly on Prime95's big test, but not on the small test.
RAM once again is Corsair 2x1024 Twin2x-6400. I have it set to 1.9V 5-5-5-12-(2T auto but Corsair's site says 1T, don't know what those mean).
It's more stable now but I had to take it down to 210MHz x 12. I'm thinking I should easily be able to crack 220MHz since the 4000+ would, but apparently I'm doing something wrong... :( 
August 22, 2006 3:18:58 AM

I tried 2.1V and it didn't doo much for me, but I will try again. You think it's alright on the RAM, auto had it set to 1.8V, Corsair says 1.9V? My case seems to cool the CPU/Mobo very well but I'm not sure about the RAM since it's at the top of the case and the fan is at the bottom.
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August 22, 2006 2:42:13 PM

Okay, thank you for the help. I'll be testing that later this evening.
August 23, 2006 1:01:12 AM

I set CPU both to stock and 1.5V, and with the RAM on 2.1V. FSB was 220. CPU temps never go much higher than 40C. It still crashes while loading on Counter Strike: Source.
August 24, 2006 8:28:49 PM

I set CPU both to stock and 1.5V, and with the RAM on 2.1V. FSB was 220. CPU temps never go much higher than 40C. It still crashes while loading on Counter Strike: Source.

if u set the HTT to 3, it shud work perfectly and shud be fine. had similar problem but the HTT was set to 4 and still problems, set it to 3 and fine. i had the non-sli board, M2N-E
August 25, 2006 2:47:37 AM

I changed it (I think) and it still didn't work. Are you talking about CPU ->NB HT in the Chipset part of the BIOS? It was set to x5 and I dropped it to 3. There was also some SB HT stuff that I left on Auto. Tell me if I did the right thing or if I'm chaning the wrong setting and where to find it. By the way, I was at 220MHz x12, 1.42V, 2.1V for RAM. It made it a little farther on 3dmark06 but crashed about 25 seconds into it. Thanks for the help, I was hoping someone with a M2N would see this thread.