What's a good high end ATI card?

I heard the xtx's have gone down in price. Whats a good high end xtx and the maker? Saphire, Powercolor, ATI Radeon?

sorry for asking for this but the card that you pick, can you please add the link of it from newegg? I would appreciate it and thank you for taking the time to send me the link.
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  1. They're all basically the same.
  2. Quote:
    They're all basically the same.

    Yes that is true. I would just recommend an ATI can,t go wrong with that :wink:
  3. I'd also recommend ATi. I had an ATi 9800... god... those were the times.

    Anyways, go ATi or Sapphire or MSI. I don't trust Powercolor that much.
  4. If you can, get the HIS IceQ3, the cooler they installed is amazing... Its like half as loud and cools a lot better.
  5. Yea, IceQ3's are nice.
  6. if u wanna wait the x1950xtx comes out september 14 i believe.
    at this time the x1900xtx prices should drop(or so i read sumwhere)

    i usually hear good things about sapphire and often bad things about powercolor(i havn't used either though) and i dont know about ATI coz 4 sum reason they dont sell them in Aus.
  7. Quote:
    if u wanna wait the x1950xtx comes out september 14 i believe.

    Then why not wait for next-gen cards?
  8. If you have to get one now, definately the ICEQ3 as the aftermarket cooler is a much better solution than the designed by ati cooler that most companies use.
  9. I've had 3 Saphire cards and all have been flawless. the ATI version of the same card will typically cost more. But yes, with DX10 cards arriving in 4 months do you really want to buy a high end card now?
  10. Since the new cards are arriving september 14th, whats a good card that can satify my games graphic needs. I saw the Saphirre 100150L x1900xtx for $329.

    I want to get my system up and running but I dont want it to bottleneck at the graphics plus I can't wait till september 14th, I go back to work in 10 days

    Games I play: Civ IV, Sim2 and expansions, Rollercoaster Tycoon 3, Star Wars Empires at War, SImcity 4, 18 wheels of steel and Flight Simulator X when it comes out. I dont play Doom or any other first person shooters.
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