AGP... Express?

This is not some announcement about some pseudo post from the Inquirer. But just an opinion post. What do you guys think will be the next slot in video cards? We've seen PCI, then AGP, then PCI-Express. What is your opinion on what the next format will be? Possibly AGP-Express(Probably Not).
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  1. USB
  2. WiFi.
  3. ISA or some form of Microchannel.
  4. ps/2 deffinitely
  5. 28K modem
  6. ide cables
  7. PCI-E I believe, won't be phased out in several years really, it's likely to get a 32x and 64x rating eventually, sure to last a while.

    If anything, I believe integrated into the CPU may be a next step, even for hardcore systems...

    Some sort of ultimate all in one chip will eventually dawn, though, where you no longer need to upgrade, since it can render Real Life in full FPS connected to an USB cable into your brain =)
  8. Hah! VESA Local Bus

    I mean, really if you could harness all of those connections.
  9. LOL! AGP-Express is the name ECS is using for a PCI bus connected to an AGP slot on a PCI-Express chipset. It provides the old (circa 1996) PCI performance, it's not even as fast as AGP2x.
  10. yup....when i saw that...i thought it was all about ECS....
  11. Quote:
    What is your opinion on what the next format will be?

    Graphics Lead Accelerated Data - G.L.A.D. , and it can be used as 1X or up to about 50X, although there's no fixed limit IIRC very flexible connector.

    It's actually and interesting connector that ties all the formats together, individual wire interconnects, extensive shielding very flexible, and it's so simple it's kinda old school, I'm sure some members here will be familiar with it's design in their past work, here's a pic from a big supporter/distributor;

    Comes in multi-colour options for the moding community too, pretty cool. 8)
  12. Well we probably won't see it for a while since PCI-E has a pretty upgradable path considering most graphics cards can't even use up a 4X connection let alone an 8X or a 16X and then they're going to 32X and 64X... plenty of time. I actually think we might start seeing some that run on AMDs HTX connection... anyone's take on that? It's low-latency and high-bandwidth so it seems like it would make sense... Or maybe ISA or even SCSI? Who knows...
  13. LOL
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