VGA cooler 3-pin modded to standard 2-pin

Has anybody tried (and succeeded, hopefully!) to mod a 3-pin VGA cooler connector so that it will connect to the stock (2-pin) graphics card conector? If so, would the card still be able to control the fan's speed? I'm waiting to get a VF-900Cu and use it on my 7900 GT and I would prefer to do that rather than using the FanMate to control it manually.
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  1. It's not a fan mod, just a connector replacement. 3-pin fans have Positive, Negative, and a tachometer wire. The tach wire isn't needed, so they work from 2-pins just fine. 2-pin are Positive and Negative. Automatic fan controls go by a temperature sensor, so that the third wire is not needed. And if you're a rational person, that answers your question.
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