Making a Micro Comp With Core 2 Duo Need Help

Im making a micro computer 4 games becasue me and my friends will have a lan party once and a while so i wanted my comp to b portable so i disided on a Micro Comp. I found this nice Mobo but im having trouble on wether it good enough 4 the Core 2 Duo E6300 im going ot get?
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  1. yea it supports Core 2 Duo, don't worry
  2. i was looking at the support 4 DDR2 will 533 b ok? And do u think i could run Xp pro 64 bit, alright considering it can run vista im sure the drivers will b ok.
  3. I'm in the market for a microATX Conroe board as well right now and I can tell you that there isn't much of a selection currently. About the only decent board would be the Gigabyte on NewEgg for around $95. I think it's the same one linked to ZipZoomFly by KBM. That Intel board looks like a viable option as well.

    Not a single board has firewire built in at the present (much to my annoyance...). I suppose I can fork out the $10 for a PCI card, but then one of my precious two PCI slots is gone :(
  4. What about that Intel board with 946G chipset? I am a longtime AMD guy into mild overclocking and considering going C2D. Would an Intel board be necessarily bad for OC? I seem to recall a longtime ago they were NOT considered OC-friendly!

  5. According to a review at NewEgg the Intel board doesn't support any RAM except 1.8V. As you've probably noticed, most good RAM is 1.9V-2.2V and if you want to overclock you'll want to be able to mess with the mem voltage I'm sure.

    I don't see anything about the Gigabyte board being good for overclocking either though, so it's a tough call. I don't see any reviews when I Google "GA-945GM-S2".

    If nothing else, I'd still go with the Gigabyte for the Gigabit LAN and for the chance that there might be more overclocking friendly options on the board.
  6. I couldn't find a decent description of the board anywhere. Is this a very newly released board?
  7. Another option...just be sure it's the V2.0 PCB:

    I have had the ASUS P5LD2-VM running with a Pentium D 805 Smithfield for months. I bought my board from the link you provided. This board is version 1.3. Only version 2.0 supports Core2Duo.
  8. Yes, the G965s are newer chipsets for motherboards.

    Check out intel's site for information on the G965 and other 965 micro ATX boards that support C2D.

    Intel Motherboards
  9. What you say was true.. That is why G965 motherboards were
    not released during conroe launch. Intel has fixed the problem
    in C2 stepping of the G965 chipset and the customers will only
    get the new C2 stepping. Old steppings are not released for public.
  10. I have the 946GZIS board.. Forget about overclocking.
    There is an option in the bios for upto 4% overclocking, which
    doesn't work. But the board itself is rock solid though.
  11. Quote:
    This would be the best one to buy.. G965 chipset with firewire too..

    I'm not so sure the G965 chipset is "the best one to buy!"

    But those are for the IGP on the board. I personally wouldn't use any desktop IGP, unless it was the only choice I had.

    But to all his/her own. I still think it's not a bad board, but the price could change that whole viewpoint.
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