sapphire x1800xt 256mb pci-e idles at 68C

just built a new system that includes a sapphire x1800xt 256mb pci-e. everything is going smoothly except that the card is running hot. idles at 68C. when i run the ati catalyst control center overdrive, it quits about halfway through, saying that the card is no longer responding to commands. during this, the card gets up to about 98C!

rest of my system is running pretty cool. CPU ranges from 36-48C(cooled with Arctic Freezer 7). motherboard is about the same.

i still have the stock heatsink/fan on the graphics card. should i pull it off and apply some arctic silver 5 to it? or should i get an aftermarket cooler?

any help much appreciated.
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  1. Ok, a few things,
    1) you shouldn't overclock the x1800xt, as you already can see it runs hotter than most cards already as it is, so unless you have aftermarket cooling don't even try
    2)my x1800xt 512mb idles at 60 C and never gets over 75, i would suspect unless you oc'ed your card that caused it to go to 98 C i would say you your cooler isn't effectively cooling your gpu and therefore you should RMA as soon as you can,
  2. what coolers does everyone recommend for the sapphire x1800xt 256mb pci-e?
  3. I agree. I just ordered the same x1800XT Sapphire card from newegg. The stock coolers on these cards suck! Newegg has the Artic Cooling Accelero x2 for about $25 bucks. Their coolers kick ass! I just sold my x850XT PE with the Arctic Silencer cooler and it never got more than 60 degrees while playing Oblivion. So I know these brand coolers work. The reviews for the Accelero x2 show the same level of cooling performance. GET ONE! :)

    Once I get mine in the mail next week, I'll let you know how hot my card gets......
  4. thanks. definately let me know how that cooler works out for you. i applied some arctic silver 5 to my stock cooler, and the temps dropped some. idles at about 64C now.

    some reviews i've read of different video card coolers warn that they raise your case temperature about 5-10C, since they throw the hot air back into the case, and not out of the case like the stock cooler does. may want to keep an eye on that.

  5. That's worse than my 6800GT in my old system! Either try an RMA or get an aftermarket for that baby.
  6. I've got the same card. My temps are about eight degrees lower than yours for both idling and using the Catalyst Overdrive thing. *Probably* has to do with cooling/airflow in the case itself, though it could be variance between how well the coolers were mounted. Overdrive fails for me the same way with that card.

    I will say, however, that although it runs hot, it has also run very stably for me. Couple hours of Oblivion at a shot running at settings that force frame rates I can just barely tolerate, and the room will noticeably heat up, but I don't get any problems from instability. I am pondering an aftermarket cooler (stock is pretty loud, in my opinion), though I'm just a touch concerned about voided warranties and the like.
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