Does the router need a PC?

I hope to be getting a motherboard with built in wifi. My current system has a router so my wife can go on the internet from her laptop. When I get my new system up and running can I just leave the router hooked up to the cable and nothing coming from it, or does it have to be hooked up to a PC? I would think the former as my wife was able to access the internet with the desktop machine powered down.


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  1. If you mean that you have a Wireless router already, and that you intend on getting a mobo with Wifi on it, thus leaving your router to give access only to wireless clients (with no cable attached to it apart from the on coming from the modem) then yes you can. There shouldn't be any problems with that, in fact i've done a setup once were i added a second router (wireless) to an all wired network and used it only as an wireless acess point which worked out perfectly.
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