question about kingston valueRAM

im in the process of building my first system for gaming. i already have purchased the following parts:

Aspire X-discovery case,
Western digital 320gb sata2 hard drive,
Hiper Type R 580 watt sli power supply,

so obviously im holding out on the real important parts but this is what i plan to get

AM2 athlon X2 4200,
Foxconn C51XEM2AA-8EKRS2H
geforce 7600 {just 1 for now}
1 gig RAM
i have kind of a 2 part question,

1: should i get the DDR2 800 or will it not make a huge difference if i get like 667 because its cheaper and i can get more {like 2 gigs instead}

2: i was looking up prices on newegg, and DDR2 800 kingston ValueRAM was a pretty good price at $140 for 1 gig. plus i looked on the foxconn website and it is compatible with theire motherboard. does anyone have any experience with this RAM? whats your opinions on it? i dont really plan on doing any overclocking i will make it a pretty basic gaming machine so maybe the RAM i get isnt hugely important? thanks for the help folks

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  1. I think for your goal of basic gaming, 2 gig's of 667 would be better than 1 gig of 800. These days always buy memory in 1GB sticks so you don't eat up slots. I always buy Corsair at home but at work I often buy Kingston Value and we haven't had any problems that I can recall. In fact I just ordered a PC100 256 module of it this morning for an old Dell.
  2. Got 1G some time ago. A few months later got another G during an u/g. Both matched well and are now running 400MHz Dual @ 3-3-3-12. I didn't expect timings that good but I'm learning to live with it.
  3. heres what i plan on playing: battlefield 2, battlefield 2142, armed assault when it comes out, quake wars, age of empires 3, thats about it. im not looking for super-duper graphics, just about the best i can do with the rig i plan on building. plus im thinking of going with a 7900 instead of a 7600. so you recommend 2 gigs of 667 over 1 gig of 800? sounds like a plan. im assuming kingston makes valuRAM in that speed right?
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