Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 VS AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000 AM2 Socket

Sincerly for a gamer only PC what is better? Ive heard bad thing about Intel for gaming performances !!

1900XT for video card
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  1. My E6400 is the equal of the Athlon 64 x2 5000+.
    The E6600 is the equal of AMD FX-62.
  2. Just take a look to the new CPU charts and judge by yourself. Start learning, that's my advice.
  3. The only problem with the E6600 is its availability.
  4. id def. say the e6600 is the choice id go with right now. But, im gonna wait and see what amd's next plan is.
  5. E6600 >> AMD X2 5000 junk
  6. Hi guys,
    Yeah the E6600 basically hasn't been released yet, as far as I can tell here in Canada's Largest City.
    My local distributor had the E6600 up on the 'board' as being ETA Sat. Aug.26/06 (TODAY! wake up, Ogs :^) but I checked and it is a no-show.
    I did notice that it went up $35 bucks though... LoL
    No new ETA listed, it's 'backorder-unknown' now.
    Edit: it is now officially ETA 'unknown-allocated'.

    Hey grab the E6400 - I've had mine for weeks now, it's great, inexpensive too.
    I'm getting single-vidcard numbers like 10985 in 3DMark '05...
    But this whole new Intel thing is the Platform, it's not the CPU per se but it's the new killa FSB - the whole rig is just quick. (You AMD HyperTransport guys know what I'm talkin' about.) A very competent platform with even the smallest CPU.
    Sure 2.4GHz is faster but mine comes up ~2.2GHz on the AB9 (default! I woulda had to set it to 2.13GHz manually LoL, forget that).
    But I'll tell you right now, that E6600 will be bloody FAST if the big cache really helps it and it's faster than mine, heheh...
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