Can anyone suggest a GOOD/STABLE board for this AM2 build???

This will be my first pc build and I just cancelled my order with newegg because I just stumbled on some scary forums about the board that I had previously selected (Asus M2N-SLI)... being that Im new to building I dont know how I feel about changing voltages, quirky RAM compatablitly, etc since Im pretty unfamiliar with it. With that being said any recommendations for a good board that I can update for years to come would be greatly appreciated.

This is the system I want to build.. just need a good AM2 mobo... I understand the options are limited so any input would be amazing. Oh and if anything else stands out that might not work please let me know! thanks *Im totally open for suggestions!

- MOBO!?!
- Atlon 64 X2 3800+
- Corsair XMS2 2x1gb 5-5-5-12
- xfx 7600GT XXX edition
- Hiper TypeR 580w (Modular... good or bad?) This PSU looks very solid to me...
- Thermaltake Tsunami 3000bwa
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  1. Abit AN9 Fatal1ty
    Abit KN9 SLI
  2. im getting the foxconn C51XEM2AA for my am2 build as i read many good reviews for it. it is nforce 590, which i read is wayy better than 570. by the way, i got the same power supply you did {hiper type r 580 watt modular} and while my system is not fully built yet so i cannot attest to its performance, i can tell you it looks REALLY well built. 2 fans that glow, cables wrapped in UV tubing {mines blue sweeet} and it comes in an awesome case. anyway, if DFI made a lanparty board for socket am2 or any board with nforce 590 id probly get that instead but as of right now they dont and i dont know when they will so im getting the foxconn :wink: . read the reviews my friend, you might make the same desicion i did.
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