Right temp for my E6600 and monitoring software ???


I'd like to know what the right temp range is for the E6600 and how I can check that to start out with. I'd like to install some software that can monitor the CPU temp 24/7 from Windows and warn me if it gets to dangerous levels. THANKS!

Core2Duo E6600 retail, with stock fan
Asus P5W DH

PS. Not sure where to check the temp in the bios and not sure about what software I have from Asus (passed out at 3am and never got to it). Does Asus have anything helpful? THANKS!
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  1. FYI: I just read that the P5W DH uses it's own analog diodes(?) to measure temperature, and not the digital ones on the CPU itself. This results in BIOS temps being significantly lower than what should actually be reported.
  2. Any thoughts on the software and average temps?
  3. Use CORETEMP and 40 on idol for a room of 23 is normal, nething over 61c full load, something wrong (unless it over 34c room temp) on stock HSF, mine never goes past 47c at full load my room temp is bout 25
  4. Ok thanks. Very helpful.
  5. Asus PC Probe 2 actualy came with the mobo. Can anyone comment on the accuracy of this program. Some people have experienced differences of up to 10C which is pretty big.
  6. Quick question: Which software application reading would be higher. CORETEMP of PC PROBE II? I know one measure temps different from the other? Thanks!
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