Toshiba Recovery Disk - 2 Satellite Laptops

My girlfriend & I both have Toshiba Satellite laptops; an A500 and an M500.

Her A500 needs to be restored, and the built in utility will not work. Is it possible to use the recovery disks from my M500, mainly for the OS, and then load the correct drivers from the web, for her machine?

Thanks - Chris
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  1. The m500 recovery disks may work but I would not bet on it. Whats wrong with the A500? have you scaned with malwarebytes? Is that XP?
  2. My M500 is Win 7 Pro, the A500 is Vista Biz, both 64 bit... so it would be a different OS. I can get all the drivers for the A500 in the Win 7 flavor from Toshiba's website if there are glitches. But most drivers are Vista/Win 7 from what I can tell.

    I "assume" that worst case, if things go horribly bad, I can do a clean install from an old Vista disk :-P
  3. Oh, to answer the issue with her A500, it won't do any MS updates, MS Office acts weird and has never performed correctly, there are registry errors, and some of the drivers will not update.

    It must have been made on a Monday morning.
  4. well i would create a backup of the m500

    Open Backup and Restore by clicking the Start button , clicking Control Panel, clicking System and Maintenance, and then clicking Backup and Restore.

    1) Create a system image.
    2) Create a system repair disk.
    3) Boot the a500 with the repair disk and see it you can restore from the created system image.

    I have had a problem with creating the image with DVD-R before... I then went out and got some DVD-RW disks and it worked fine.
  5. To follow up and close out this story, I took the above words to heart and created a system image as a back up.
    However I wanted to see if the restore disk from the other Toshiba would work, so I tried that first.

    To my surprise, the process worked without a problem what so ever!
    I got the benefit of an updated Win 7 OS vs. Vista, and I only had to load two drivers for the different hardware in the older A500 Satellite configuration, vs. the M500 newer laptop. Both OS's were 64 bit, so I don't think that had anything to do with the success, but it's worth stating.

    MS Updater had 76 OS updates for me, 3 hardware driver updates and CNETdotCOM got me all the utilities I need to keep my girlfriend from needing me to do this again in six months :)

    Thanks for the advice folks!
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