minimum power supply requirement for amd athlon x2 3800+ am2

does anybody know what is the power supply minimum requirement to run this following?

amd athlon x2 3800+ am2 - cpu
biostar tforce 6100 am2 - pcb
corsair ddr2 633 512mb - ram
western digital caviar se 80gb sata2 8mb cache - hdd
benq dw1670 - dvd burning rom
aoc ft720 - 17" crt monitor
2 8cm fans - fan casing

and will the not enough power supply will effect the onboard vga display resolution? i found that i could not run 1024x768 resolution with 75hz refresh rate smoothly on 17" monitor (tried this on 3 kind of 17" monitors). there were vertical flickers at the center most of the time when we clicked something to run or open. but it ran ok with the 70hz refresh rate and it displayed much better with 800x600 resolution with both 75hz and 85hz refresh rates. i suspect the biostar tforce 6100 am2 onboard vga chipset is not a good quality since i've replaced the motherboard today and still got the same result. the weird thing is, it runs normal with a lcd monitor.. :( perhaps i'm wrong and to fix this is only to change the power supply since i was running a 380 watt psu at that rig.

any wisdom would be much appreciated. thanks! :)
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  1. It sounds like a driver problem. Your power supply being 380 watts should be plenty if you are not overclocking. Have you updated the motherboard drivers yet?
  2. First of all, make sure the refresh rate and resolution will work for both the chipset and the monitor. Try to set both settings to the LCD display's native resolution and refresh rate. Try turning off hardware acceleration for the chipset, and make sure you have the proper driver. The power supply is more than enough for your system.
  3. yes, i've updated the latest bios and driver, still got the same result.

    it's a 24 pin psu.

    i'm sure that 17" crt monitor can take 1024x768 resolution with a 75hz refresh rate. i've tried it on 3 monitors (aoc ft720, samsung syncmaster 793mb, advance 17") and they were all got flickered with 1024x768 resolution with a 75hz refresh rate or above refresh rate. in order to have normal display, i should set the refresh rate to a 70hz in 1024x768 resolution.

    it's ok for now, but i'm not satisfied with the 70hz refresh rate solution. a 17" monitor and am onboard vga card which could run a 3dmark06 should and must run well at least with 1024x768 resolution ~ 75 hz refresh rate.

    i wonder what it would be like if i add a vga pci express card. perhaps until directx 10 comes, then we will see.

    btw thanks for all of your time. i really appreciate it! :)
  4. Quote:
    Pros: This is a great motherboard, even for somewhat new builders. Excellent overclocking and easy to set up. I bought this because of the onboard video until I have enough money for a video card and this works great.

    Cons: The onboard video is a little fuzzy but that doesn't really matter since I am going to get a video card as soon as I get the money for one.

    Other Thoughts: Defineteley happy with the decision to go with this board...paired it up with some PQI DDR2 800 RAM and an AMD Athlon X2 3800+ which works great. The automatic overclocking jacked my processor up 400 Mhz and it is running great.

    Reviewed By: room4two, 8/12/2006 6:38:27 PM

    i found this review on

    i think we have the same problem on onboard vga geforce 6100 on biostar tforce 6100 am2 motherboard. it really sucks since it was my first time to build amd! :( so i have to buy pcie vga card.
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