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I have been trying to set up Vonage using a Linksys RT31P2
router/telephone adapter. I'm in somewhat of a unique situation because
I use satellite internet. (I understand about latency) Here is my
problem. Because my satellite modem requires accelerator software
installed on my computer, I can't place the router between my modem and
my computer. So, I am trying to put it after my computer. I am on a
laptop so I have hooked my modem up via USB and connected the router
via my LAN port. I cannot access the router. It is passing packets back
and forth but no access. I have spoken w/ Linksys and they couldn't
figure it out. Any ideas? I ran an ipconfig/all and it returned an
address of When I input this into IE it takes forever,
then says it can't do it. In Firefox it says:
"The connection was refused when attempting to connect to"
I exhausted Linksys's tech support. I use Norton Internet Security but
have made my attempts unconnected to the internet and with Norton
Disabled. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Archived from groups: comp.dcom.lans.ethernet (More info?)

    stillwaiting <>
    >laptop so I have hooked my modem up via USB and connected the router
    >via my LAN port.

    Is the LAN port on your laptop connected to the WAN port on your
    router, or the LAN port on your router? Are you using a crossover

    What's the full output of "ipconfig/all" look like on your laptop.

    [Since your VOIP data is already compressed, your attempt to use the
    satellite modem 'accelleration' software with it, and to use a VOIP
    connection over a satellite data connection may never be successful.
    It's not just about the latency, it's the real bandwidth you get
    before they play all their games with the "accelerator" software that
    tries to trick you into thinking you've got a high-speed connection.
    Way more info than you could ever want on the satellite data
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