Use stock HSF now? or wait 2 more days for LCS? X6800

I got ALL my parts in today... except for my case & LCS. (DAMMIT) I want to test all my parts out and see what this puppy can do... but without the case and LCS all I can do is hook everything up on a piece of cardboard w/ the the stock HSF. Do you guys think it would be a pain in the butt to put on the stock HSF w/ AS5 then clean all that crap off in two days and mount it in the case w/ my new LCS? WHAT TO DO?
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  1. well the stock fan can even oc that proc quite a bit, i don't rember how high but it gets the job done because conroes don't put out much heat
  2. well that much I know, but I'm just wondering if it's worth the trouble of cleaning off the stock thermal paste, applying AS5 and then the stock HSF... then on Thursday when my Thermaltake Liquid Cooling System and Thermaltake Armor case come in having to clean all that crap off the CPU again and installing everything in my case and such... I'm SO impatient! lol
  3. ah well in that case, just wait it out, its only two days, but do as you wish. you said you don't ahve ur case yet either so i wouldn't bother. it would jsut be a hassle.
  4. Here's my other problem... I've never installed a CPU in a LGA775 socket. (I've built nothing but AMD the last 6 years) I'm not quite sure how this damn thing goes together and it looks so fragile I'm afraid to break my X6800 or ruin my mobo. HELP! I'm gonna read the instructions of course, but any hints/tips would be great! :D
  5. basicly its no diff, aside from no pins on the cpu... don't worry about it, just look at it and there should be 1 logical way that it would fit in.
  6. why not just use the supplied thermal grease? im using it and it works fine.
  7. Quote:
    why not just use the supplied thermal grease? im using it and it works fine.

    you can and it does work fine but as5 transfers heat alot better... its great stuff it lowered my 3200+ oced to 2.4 from 38c idle to 34 and 52c load to 46c.
  8. So installed the stock HSF w/ some AS5... and my temps are 51 deg Celcius at idle! WTF? I have installed heatsinks with AS5 many, many times so I know how to put it on. I checked to see that the heatsink is properly seated and can't figure out why it seems to be running so hot. I wonder if the mobo is not showing the proper temp b/c the heatsink is barely luke warm.
  9. I don't know dude, I have the same problem. See my post in Overclocking/CPUs.

    I cleaned off the Intel goo, put Arctic Silver on and triple checked the heatsink. Now I just was idling at 48c, for no apparent reason I am now at 54c.

    I have run Everest, which lets you see throttling in action, and think my temperatures are correct as thermal throttling kicks in at 84c. So no overclocking for me I guess, I suppose I will try another heatink later. Right now I am sick to death of hacking away at this...
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