Pioneer 111d / MSI P965 NEO running choppy

When any media (CD or DVD) is being accessed (Read from or written to) my computer becomes very choppy. I can't even watch a dvd as the sound skipps and chirps. Also when I'm reading from a cd and trying to listen to MP3's (on HDD) same thing happens sound skips and chirps.

My system specs are
Intel 2 Core Duo E6400
2x DDR2 kingston 1GB Dual Channel
GeForce 7600GT OC
Pioneer 111D (with latest firmware)

Only thing i can think of is it being a DMA issue
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  1. Right click on My Computer, select properties.
    click on hardware, then device manager. Now look for IDE/ATA... and expand the view. Double Click on Secondary IDE Channel. Under the advanced settings tab, make sure PIO mode is not listed. If it is then change it to DMA mode. If you cant, close this screen and expand cd/dvd drives. Select the one you are having issues with and right click then uninstall. (dont worry it will come back after a reboot).

    Let me know.
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