Hard Drive Activity Red Light?

Well I think I have figured out why but I want to make sure first.

My question is you know how when you have a computer with a IDE harddrive you get the red dot blinking in the front of your computer, that is telling you your harddrive is writing or reading data.

Well I now will be using SATA2 hd's will I not have that anymore? So the IDE pins that go onto the mobo do nothing for a SATA2 hd. And if so, is there anyway to get the red dot for a SATA2 hd?

Thanks for any information. Storm
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  1. You will always have your pretty little lights as long as there is a Disk attached to your system.
  2. Well I only get the green light thats telling me my system is on, not the other one.

    What do you think the problem is?

    Thanks Storm
  3. Thanks all I appreciate everything, I got the light to work, now im just having harddrive problem now in a different thread.

    Thanks Storm~
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