Get in creazy with D975XBX and memory


I buyed this motherboard with a e6400 processor on Fry's electronic, When I fix everything and I start the computer I get the beep error for memory on both channels blue and black , but if I put the memories just on one channel no problem, I return to the store and they test the mother with anothers memories corsair and another brand and the same problem, then I change the motherboard , we test on the store and run good, I fix all again and was running good until I get problems again , some time start with the beep again, I have to turn of the pc , put the memories on one channel only and no problem run great, after I work can I turn off the pc again put the memories again on both channel and run good for a couple hours o may be a couple minutes.
I run the stress test program from intel and no error. The Bios is Update to the last on intel website.

I have:

motherboard D975XBX rev 305
memories Patriot 5300 cl5 2gb ( 2x 1gb )
Ati all in wonder 2006 PCIe
HD raptor 74 gb sata

Any idea, I check on intel website for memories and there are just 3 or 4 brands, nothing to buy around my area, just online and I so late on my job to wait for memories.

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  1. thanks I will change tomorrow and check what happend
  2. This is normal ?

    if not , how I fix ? may be that can be the problem?

  3. Thanks, the only corsair I find was xms2 twin 2x1gb 675Mhz 5400C4 latency 4-4-4-12 , what is the value for this?

    I keep this corsair or patriot ? or I try to find the ValueSelect ?

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